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Spring Is Coming!

Winter is leaving us, and you know what that means – Spring is almost here. The cold weather can leave your grass, trees, and shrubs weak and hungry; but with a little incentive and a plan of action, you can get your yard ready for the growing season ahead.

Spring Clean Up

The first thing you want to do is rake up any leaves, twigs, or other debris Winter may have left behind. Once your lawn is all cleaned up, the turf grass will be able to breathe better and prevent any disease or insect infestation.

Apply fertilizer and pre-emergent to feed your hungry grass and prevent crabgrass from popping up. Once crabgrass does show up, it can be a long-lasting battle trying to get rid of it again.

Mowing schedules will need to be changed to every week instead of every 2 weeks now that the grass is growing faster again. If you let the grass grow to high and then cut it, it will stunt the roots so they can’t reproduce properly.

We highly recommend mulching at this time. Not only will it give a polished look to your lawn, it will also help prevent weed growth. For more information on mulching, click here.

Taking care of your lawn during the spring and summer can be a real hassle due to Florida’s hot, summer heat and the amount of responsibility it takes to keep up with it. Hire a lawn care professional to take the sweat of your back!