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This tree service company is a division of 3 Season’s Lawn and Landscape Inc. The company is located in the heart of Pasco County in New Port Richey, Florida and services: West Pasco, Hernando, and North Pinellas Counties. 3 Season’s Tree Division has serviced and safely taken down trees in:

  • Clearwater
  • Palm Harbor
  • Safety Harbor
  •  Tarpon Springs
  •  Holiday
  •  Trinity
  •  Spring Hill
  •  Brooksville
  •  Port Richey
  • New Port Richey

3 Season’s Tree Division is more than just another tree service company. Liability issues matter to this company. Safety has always been the highest priority at 3 Season’s!Our tree division is no stranger to the dangerous situations surrounding tree removal. If you are looking for a reputable and dependable tree service that can handle just about any kind of tree work, from elevation of limbs off your roof to complete tree removal, then you have come to the right place. Specializing in commercial and residential tree service, 3 Season’s Tree Division is licensed and insured so you can rest assured you have hired the pros.

Storm Damage Cleanup – Disaster Response and Recovery – Florida

During the 2004 storm season, our storm damage cleanup teams stayed very busy removing trees that were damaged or blown down as a result of hurricane winds or lightning strike. This type of work is extremely hazardous and should be left to a skilled professional. Tree removal is unpredictable even in the best scenario, but after a storm the smallest tree job can become out-right dangerous!

Storm damage cleanup and disaster response and recovery in Florida is something that members of the community should already have in place …before the next storm. In the past few years, Tampa has seen its share of violent wind storms, and we experience lightning storms every year. Florida has so many lightning storms that we have earned the title “Lightning Capitol of the World”! Having this knowledge, it only makes sense to know who to call the morning after a bad storm.

Tree Trimming before Tree Removal – Trees Give Life

Trees are a major contributor of clean air and life on this planet. If we were to cut down all of the trees in the world, life on earth would not be the same, and eventually the quality of life would decline. That is why trees are protected and permits are needed to take them down. Sometimes a simple trimming or pruning may be needed to correct a potential problem. Tree removal should only be done when there is no other option to save the tree or a structure is threatened by hard-wood tree roots or the tree itself is too close to the structure.


Root pruning is always an option, but must be done over time. Unfortunately, sometimes tree removal is necessary to save your home from further damage.