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Storm Damage Cleanup – Disaster Response and Recovery – Florida

Storms are a fact of life here in Florida. Between the months of June-November we can experience tornadoes, hurricanes, and a lot of lightning. Many times trees are damaged and actually destroyed in these storms.

Having “split trunks” is the highest level of damage next to the tree lying on the ground with its roots in the air! If you want to know if the tree can be saved, a good question to ask would be: What percentage of the tree that produces leaves is actually left? If more than 50% of the crown is damaged, it would be wise to consider taking that tree out of your landscape.

Proactive Maintenance – Save Money and Ensure Safety

This method of thinking involves keeping up with problems before they become serious problems. If there is a large tree limb that is broken, damaged, or dead it should be taken down immediately. During storms, this potential problem could become a risk to anything in the wrong place at the wrong time. Preventive maintenance is a good way to save money by simply doing what is needed to cut unnecessary spending.

Storm Damage Cleanup – After the Storm

During the 2004 storm season, our storm damage cleanup teams stayed very busy removing trees that were damaged or blown down as a result of hurricane winds or lightning strike. This type of work is extremely hazardous and should be left to a skilled professional. Tree removal is unpredictable even in the best scenario, but after a storm the smallest tree job can become out-right dangerous!

We provide a safe and fast clean up of tree debris and stump removal in the event of a storm or hurricane. We are fully equipped with the best equipment and highly trained personnel. Our employees are vastly experienced in handling all of our equipment as well as working with emergency personnel.