Pest Control Service


For pest control at 3 Season’s, we use the finest quality of fertilizers, fungicides, and insecticides. We routinely spray weeds as part of our regular service conditions permitting.

Lawn Spraying

Liquid mixture of top quality fertilizer and insecticide are applied to the lawn six times a year to supplement the turf with nutrients necessary in producing a healthy lawn as well as controlling lawn damaging insects.


Granular Application


Time release granular application is done twice a year to add necessary nutrients in between liquid applications. Granular fertilizer is usually applied, but not limited to the spring and fall seasons.

Shrubs, Bushes and small Trees

Our tree and shrub program consists of four (4) spray service visits per year, giving your trees, shrubs, and ornamentals a fresh and healthy appearance.


This is the double edge sword that determines success or failure! Lack of water can stress and eventually kill the healthiest of lawns! However, Too much moisture during the rainy season can promote brown patch, leaf spot, and other turf damaging diseases. When in doubt, ask one of our professionals to recommend a watering schedule that will work for you.

Don’t forget to ask us about our once-a-year indoor service

Powder dusting of electrical plug and switch plates, along with indoor and an outdoor perimeter spraying will eliminate and prevent most insect problems. This service is guaranteed for an entire year!

Round-Up Spraying

Gravel yards, or large areas of mulch? We offer a Round-up spraying service that will maintain a weed free appearance and give your yard curb appeal.

Fire ants taking over your property?

Take back control of what’s yours! Ask one of our Technicians about Top Choice Products

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