The Company

In the beginning… 
3 Season’s Lawn & Landscape Inc. started in 1974 in Franklin Square, NY. 

As a young boy, I started out working as a coffee runner for the landscapers that used to patron Orlando’s Nursery. That was the first taste of the Green Industry for me, and also the spark that ignited my entrepreneurial spirit. I would deliver newspapers early in the morning and at night and also mow my neighbors lawns on a regular basis… this would be my start in the Green Industry.


I got my first commercial lawn mower in 1980.

I relocated to Port Richey, FL with my parents. I tried working for Winn Dixie like my dad, but learned quickly that it was not my cup of tea. In my junior year of high school, I became involved in the FFA and started learning about horticulture in Florida. My teacher, Mrs. Tracy Conley, pushed me to learn more about the Green Industry, and even took me to PVTI, a trade school in Pinellas County, where the real journey would begin.

By April of 1983, I was back to mowing the neighbor’s lawns. While attending PVTI, I was also building what would later become 3 Season’s Lawn & Landscape Inc. My parents loaned me $500 (which I paid back within 6 months). I bought a Snapper lawn mower, a gas edger, weed eater and packed it all in the trunk of my Chevy Nova!

By July of 1983, I bought my first truck …OLD BLUE …the rest is history!

Our First Truck

There is No Substitute for Quality