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3 Season’s Lawn Pest Control is a division of 3 Season’s Lawn and Landscape Inc. The company specializes in the proper care of your turf lawn and planting beds in full detail. Located in the heart of Pasco County Florida, 3 Season’s has called New Port Richey, Florida “home” for over 30 years! Keeping happy employees have led to happier clients; this has been the mindset of owner Joseph Lombari from the first day in business.

“There is no substitute for quality and that level of workmanship comes from happy employees.”

Lawn Service vs. Lawn Pest Control Service

If you have a lawn in your front yard or back yard, you really need to have a scheduled maintenance program in place to protect your investment. Both lawn maintenance and lawn pest control services are needed to maintain a high level of health for your live landscape.

lawn pest control

Lawn service will keep the grass at a recommended height, and cutting it weekly during the growing months will keep the height of the lawn to a controllable level, and also minimize the thatch that is blown or mulched back into the lawn. Waiting to cut the lawn when it is over what a lawnmower can handle is both bad for the lawn, and can cause damage the machine doing the cutting. That is why our team leaders make sure their machines are loaded every morning onto their trailers with a freshly sharpened set of blades on them. Blades are replaced DAILY to ensure a good and healthy cut of your lawn. Our mowing crews are your first line of defense against lawn pests, irrigation voids, and other problems that may be present. Their line of communication with the office will put the steps necessary to correct the problem in motion.

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Lawn Pest Control is a necessity if you have a lawn you want to keep healthy. There are many pests that can attack the grass roots from below, some more common than others and also, some more destructive than others. Chemical treatments to the lawn on a scheduled program will reduce the harm these pests can bring to your lawn. If caught quickly, damage can be minimal otherwise, plan on replacing large areas of grass or your entire yard year after year. With our mowing crews on your property regularly, lawn pests don’t stand a chance against the Lawn Pest Control Division that will be called in to deal with them.

lawn pest control

Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization of the soil plants grow in also plays a huge role in the success equation. Soil that is not fertile lacks the nutrients that plants need to stay healthy and fight off illness. Sick plants are stressed plants and the result is always negative to the wallet. Proper and scheduled feedings ensure plants get the nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong without burning to create added stress. Due to the environmental changes and special needs from property to property, Lawn Fertilization programs are custom designed to fit each property. For more information on Lawn Fertilization programs please contact us.

Why Combine Services?

Tired of all the finger pointing? How many times have we seen this from one side or the other? …Too many to count. The truth is that there are too many variables involved to maintain a healthy lawn, and since turf grass is a living thing, to guarantee life is impossible. What will extend your investment in lawn is having a professional in lawn and landscape maintenance provide a scheduled service plan that involves ALL of these variables in mind from day 1. Combining all of these variables under one roof gives the homeowner the power to avoid the “blame game”. It also gives the company hired to do the job all the tools necessary to provide the best care for your lawn possible.

There is No Substitute for Quality