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Southern Chinch Bugs

A Turf Destroying Insect

The Southern Chinch Bug is a common insect pest of St. Augustine Grass.  Chinch bug population-control is an important factor when caring for your lawn, as these turf-destroying insects can cover 400 ft in under an hour, leaving nothing but dead grass behind.

Identifying These Pests

When an infestation occurs, you will notice your grass looks a lot like drought damage. That’s because the Chinch Bugs are feeding on your grass and sucking it dry, leaving brown patches throughout your lawn that spread as the population grows.

Chinch bugs are easy to recognize, but hard to see. They are about 3/16 of an inch long, with black bodys and white wings folded across their backs.

Tip: Use the “Tin-Can method” to know for sure if you have Chinch Bugs. Cut out both ends of a tin can, stick one end of the can into the ground. Pour water into it and keep it filled for ten minutes. If you have Chinch bugs, they will begin floating to the surface.


Keeping your lawn neatly trimmed and dethatched can help make it less desirable to these insects. Having a healthy lawn is also more resistant to all types of pests, meaning your grass will bounce back faster if you do experience an infestation. Be sure to keep your lawn on a proper mowing and irrigation schedule in order to help prevent these pests.

Calling For Help

If your still not sure if you have Chinch bugs, contact a professional. 3 Seasons Pest Control Division employees are experts at identifying and treating these pests, so don’t waste your own time and money applying different pesticides and home-remedies.