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Pest Control in Your Home

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Annual Indoor Pest Control Protection

Indoor pest control is necessary in Florida due to our tropical climate. We have ¬†wide variety of insects, rodents, reptiles and many other nuisance pests. ¬†Insects invade places in your home such as food pantry, toaster oven, coffee maker, refrigerator, pet bowls, toothbrush and many others. They can easily transfer germs and disease as well as leave behind their droppings….yuck!

Our annual program is convenient so you don’t have to be home one day every other month for a treatment. Our once per year indoor treatment is a very thorough process of baiting, dusting, identifying and correcting factors that contribute to entry and incubation that increases the chance of infestation.

Outside Perimeter Treatment

The outside perimeter of the home is also very important. We treat the foundation and all points of entry such as doorways, windows, vents, conduit and soffits. This service is performed at the time of the annual indoor and then quarterly after that until renewal time.