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Lubber Grasshoppers

Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers

lubber grasshopper

We’ve all seen the Lubber Grasshopper, and probably almost had a heart attack over them at least once or twice! These large grasshoppers are hard to miss, with their significant size and bright colors. It’s yellow, orange, and red colors are a warning to predators that it contains toxins that will make it sick. Though this grasshopper has wings, it cannot fly, instead it moves in clumsy short hops. It can also walk or crawl.

Lubber Grasshoppers can be very harmful to your turf, as it feeds on broadleaf plants and in gardens. We like to call these pests the “cockroaches of the garden”, because like cockroaches they are almost immune to pesticides. The good news is there is only one generation of these pests a year.

The Nymph Stage

lubber grasshopper

Currently, lubber grasshoppers are in their nymph stage and this is the best stage to target control of these pesky critters. As nymphs, their appearance is totally different than as an adult. They are small and black with a tiny bit of red on them.  They move in groups and consume plants along the way. Eliminating lubber grasshoppers is easiest when caught still in the nymph stage. 3 Seasons Lawn & Pest Control uses a pesticide that can control these pests when coming in direct contact with the grasshoppers.

Another suggested way to removing the pests:

Since the Lubber Grasshoppers travel in groups early on in their life, it is possible to use a shop vac to suck them up and dispose of them. Although if you do not have access to a shop vac, picking them off by hand works as well. Disposing of them in a pail of soapy water will kill them off.

While this is not guaranteed to permanently remove them from your turf, it is a good start. It is always best to have a pest control company on your side with a plan in place customized to fit the needs of your yard.  Once the lubber grasshopper enters the adult stage, they spread out on their own and very rarely travel in groups anymore. Once this happens, eliminating them can be very difficult.

If you are seeing lubber grasshopper nymphs in your yard, give 3 Seasons a call to schedule your free estimate!