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New Year – No Pests!

New year – No Pests!

Now that the new year has begun, it’s time for some new resolutions. While eating healthier and hitting the gym more is at the top of most peoples list, the number one new year’s resolution should be doing more to keep your home pest-free. Here are some steps you can take to help keep pests where they belong – on the outside looking in.

  1. Keep it clean: Keep food in sealed containers, and do not leave food sitting out overnight. Be sure to clean up spills or crumbs immediately.
  2. Seal all pest entryways: The smallest crack in your homes foundation can provide easy access for pests. Check the caulk and seals around doors and windows, weatherstripping, and window screens to make sure they are in good condition.
  3. Inspection: One of the most common ways pests enter your home is through grocery bags! Therefor, you should make it a habit to inspect foods before purchasing and again before putting them into the pantry.
  4. Inspection part 2: Another common area for pests to hide is in the garage or attic or anywhere else items are stored for long periods of time, such as seasonal decorations. Before taking items out of storage, check for any pests that may have used your Christmas wreaths as a new home!
  5. Partner up with a pest control company: In order to fully prevent and eliminate pests, it is best to have a certified pest control company on your side. Combining both the extensive knowledge and proper pesticides with your preventive measures ensures a pest free home!

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