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Mulching: The Benefits

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Mulching is one of the best things you can do for your landscape to give your home a beautiful, finished appearance! In addition to decorative value, mulching offers many benefits to your soil and plants. Choosing a natural-based mulch rather than one made of rubber or gravel increases the advantages to mulching.


Mulching  protects against the changing temperatures. Mulch acts as in insulator, which helps to regulate soil temperature. During the hot, Florida summer the soil remains cool. The mulch acts as a blanket during the cooler temperatures, keeping soil nice and warm. Mulch conserves moisture as well, so you can spend less time watering. Mulch slows down moisture evaporation so more water remains in the soil and available to thirsty plant roots! BONUS: a 2-3 inch layer of mulch naturally helps prevent weeds from sprouting and taking over your landscape by blocking their growth and access to the sunlight.

Add Beauty!

Mulching instantly adds rich color and a manicured look to your landscape. Putting mulch in your landscape beds, around the foundation of your home, around trees and between garden beds gives a great curb appeal! Colored mulches compliment the hues of your home and flower beds. For example, Cypress mulch goes will with brick houses, and red mulch with light colored houses.

Organic Mulch

You want to use mulches made from organic materials, in order to improve the soil as the mulch breaks down. Insects in the soil naturally consume the mulch over time, and add the by-products back into the soil in the form of organic matter. Also, mulch keeps soil nutrients from being washed away with the rain, but it also can release nutrients into the soil if you are using an organic material. This happens as the organic material slowly decomposes on top of the soil.

Get Started Today!

There are so many benefits to adding mulch to your landscape, call 3 Seasons Lawn & Landscape today to get a free quote! Are you tired of looking out your window and seeing just a sea of green? We can add a pop of color and enhance curb appeal as well as property values!


Crape Myrtles


What Are Crape Myrtles?

crepe myrtles
photo by: Stacey Franklin

Crape Myrtles are an ornamental Asian shrub or small tree with bright colored crinkled pedals. They typically grow in warmer climates of the world, so they are a common plant in Florida. Crape Myrtles provide a remarkable addition to your landscape and are bought frequently for their vibrant colors. They can grow anywhere from 1” to 100”!

Crape Murder

Crape Myrtles grow so easily and bloom so long that we love them like family members, except during the winter when they are chopped down to the stump. They bloom so beautifully during the summer but are leafless in the wintertime, revealing nothing but branches. Crape Myrtles grow so fast that it is a common assumption they will grow back as normal when spring comes back around. But STOP! Chopping them down will just leave you with spindly and unattractive growth from ugly stumps in the springtime. This method is commonly referred to as “Crape Murder”.

Prune Correctly – Or else!

The proper way to care for your Crape Murder during the winter, in order to achieve those bright blooming pedals in the summer, is to trim off the top 2-3 feet of your branches just before spring or in late winter. Pruning Crape Myrtles takes gentle care,  and is best done by a professional. You want to avoid using an electric hedge trimmer for this job and stick to using your standard pruners. If pruned incorrectly, you could be left with a lot of ugly! Trust 3 Seasons Lawn & Landscape to care for your Crape Myrtles and other ornamental plants in your landscape, call today for your free estimate!