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Palmetto Bugs

Palmetto bugs are just a fact of life here in Florida. They are tropical pests that love dark, damp areas; which is why most sightings of them are in the garage, attic or outside under woodpiles or stones. Therefore, they are unfortunately an inescapable part of Florida living since we provide the perfect weather for them to thrive in.

But what is a Palmetto bug exactly?

There are many species of this pest. Typically, the American Cockroach or Smoky Brown Cockroach are what is referred to as the Palmetto Bug. Both are large and winged but differ in color. The American Cockroach is dark brown with a cream-colored prothorax that has dark markings that resemble sunglasses. While the Smoky Brown Cockroaches are a dark mahogany color, lack the sunglass markings, and a bit smaller in size. Both are capable of flight, but not very good at it. Usually they will only fly towards the light, which can be startling to say the least.

If you find Palmetto bugs are making their way into your home, you may be petrified since these pests have a reputation for being attracted to dirty homes. But don’t fret, even if you keep a spotless house, Palmetto bugs are usually still able to find food and water. If you do see one scurrying across your floor, remove it by sweeping it up or vacuuming. Avoid stepping on them because when crushed, Palmetto bugs let out a very unpleasant odor!

When trying to rid your home of Palmetto bugs, or any other insect pests, doing it on your own is not recommended. Experts say trying to handle a roach problem on your own can make it worse. If you’re not killing the roaches, they’re likely becoming more immune to the treatment you’re using. So, when dealing with pests in your home, call 3 Seasons Lawn & Pest Control to set up a pest control treatment plan customized to fit your home’s needs.