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How The Seasons Affect Insect Pests - 3 Season's Lawn & Landscape Inc.

How The Seasons Affect Insect Pests

Did you know that changes in temperature and precipitation patterns can also change the population levels and competitive ability of pests? With the change in weather, the unwanted guests in your home vary because they too need favorable conditions to thrive. Here’s how weather can affect the most common insects and other pests in your home:


Spring is a time of awakening and mating for most pests. As the weather warms, pest will emerge from their winter shelters and increase their activity. Bees and wasps awaken from their dormant state, termites may swarm, and excess rain may bring ants into your home in search of higher ground.

Majority of pests will be outside, in search of food and water and looking to mate. This does not mean all pests will leave your home though! Some will be looking for protected places now that their predators have come out of hibernation. You should be on the look-out for any changes inside your home, such as a pile of bug wings or an ant invasion.


Summer is known for high number of mosquitoes, especially in Florida. This is also our rainy season, providing plenty of water sources for these nuisances which in turn increases their population! Although mosquitoes won’t typically invade the inside of your home, it can be extremely annoying trying to enjoy the outdoors.


As the temperature drops, pests will begin to prepare for upcoming winter. Most will seek shelter and warmth. This includes spiders and ladybugs, although these particular pests tend to stay out of sight. Be sure to seal all cracks and crevices in your home, in attempt to eliminate entry ways for pests.


For most insects, colder weather indicates its time to find shelter. Your home could possibly give them exactly what they need! Insect pests are in search of a good food and water source as well as dark, warm places to shelter.

Eliminate & Prevent

The best way to protect your home during all seasons, is to eliminate all entryways and be sure to clean up spilled drinks and food. Be sure to have a pest control program in place as well. Our pest control technicians will work with you, doing our part and helping you to do yours on preventing and eliminating pest from your home.

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