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Cockroaches - 3 Season's Lawn & Landscape Inc.

Cockroaches are one of the most hated insects, especially when they are found inside homes.  Infestation can occur rapidly if not treated.  There are several different kinds of cockroaches, although the most common of these creepy critters is the German roach.  If you see one of these running about your home, you can bet the rest of the family is probably close by.

German Roach

Image result for german cockroach]
Photo by: United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

German cockroaches are found throughout the world; commonly found in restaurants, kitchens and stores where food and moisture are abundant. They contaminate food, leave stains, create foul odors and carry disease organisms.

Oriental Roach

Image result for oriental cockroach
Photo by: gailhampshire on flickr.

Oriental roaches are also known as water bugs or black beetles; more sluggish than other species; give off distinctive unpleasant odor.

American Roach

Photo by: Gary Alpert

American roaches, also known as the water bug, the largest house-infesting species, about one and one-half inches long; reddish-brown wings with light markings on thorax.

Brown Banded Roach

Brown Banded roaches are easily recognized by alternating light and dark bands across its back; doesn’t multiply as fast as the German, but it is considered harder to control; often found high on walls in picture frames, behind molding, near appliance motors, in light switches, closets and furniture.  The males look different than the females.  You can see what these critters look like here.

In conclusion, these pests are one of the worst. You want to eliminate them from your home as soon as possible, so at the first sighting it is recommended to contact 3 Seasons for a guaranteed solution.