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Hurricane Ready Landscapes

Summertime in Florida = hurricane season. Is your landscape prepared?

Hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th, which is over half of the year! In the past, Florida has seen some hell-bound storms that are set on destroying everything we have worked so hard for including our homes, cars; and yes; our landscape. Here are some things you can do to prepare your landscape:

Check for trees and shrubs that may be too close to your home, prune these away and discard any debris out of your yard before a storm.

Dead trees/shrubs can also be a danger, be sure to have a certified arborist remove the hazardous trees.

Strong winds can easily knock down or send dead limbs airborne posing a major threat to anything in its path, so it is important to remove broken or hanging limbs.

If you are under a major storm watch, move any lose items from your landscape to a sheltered area. This includes:

  • Container/hanging plants
  • Yard d├ęcor
  • Patio furniture
  • Outside toys

Your plants will be getting plenty of water from the rain, therefor your irrigation systems do not need to be switched on!

Check any drainage areas in your area and remove all debris from storm drains to prevent flooding. Standing water can loosen root systems and cause trees to fall after a storm!

Rain gutters need to be free of leaves, twigs, or any other debris and securely attached to the foundation.

Safety First!

Hurricanes can be mild to severe, and no matter what the forecast says you always want to be prepared for the worst. Be sure to follow all precautions and never wait until the last minute!