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Lubber Grasshoppers

Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers We’ve all seen the Lubber Grasshopper, and probably almost had a heart attack over them at least once or twice! These large grasshoppers are hard to miss, with their significant size and bright colors. It’s yellow, orange, and red colors are a warning to predators that it contains toxins that will make […]

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St Augustine Lawn

Living in Florida, our lawn goals are to have a beautiful St. Augustine lawn.  If you’re unfamiliar, this is a warm-season type of grass that is perfect for tropical & subtropical regions.  St. Augustine is dark green in color, with broad and flat blades, which forms a thick sod and is good at crowding out […]

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Grass: Keeping It Hydrated

                        Watering Your Grass The best time to water your grass is in the morning, and there are a few reasons why. The first one being so that it has more time to dry throughout the day. A wet lawn at night can lead […]

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Should You Hire A Lawn Care Service?

  Truthfully, if you compare DIY work vs. a Lawn Care company, it makes a whole lot more sense to hire a  professional to do it for you. Taking care of your lawn is a lot more than just mowing and watering. With different seasons bringing in different turf diseases, weeds popping up all over, […]

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Spring Is Coming!

Winter is leaving us, and you know what that means – Spring is almost here. The cold weather can leave your grass, trees, and shrubs weak and hungry; but with a little incentive and a plan of action, you can get your yard ready for the growing season ahead. Spring Clean Up The first thing […]

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Lawn & Yard Allergies

Allergies How unfortunate is it to have gardening as your favorite hobby, but your outdoor allergies get the best of you every time? Finding plant varieties that won’t trigger your immune system can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. The easiest way to create an allergy-friendly garden is to hire a professional landscape service to […]

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winter lawn care

Lawn Maintenance During Winter

Caring For Your Lawn During Florida’s Winter Though Florida may not really experience winter, Lawn Maintenance during winter months can be a challenge for the untrained homeowner.   Temperatures typically drop between the months of December through February  in Florida.  Here in New Port Richey, it can get even a few degrees lower than most southern […]

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