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Lawn & Yard Allergies


How unfortunate is it to have gardening as your favorite hobby, but your outdoor allergies get the best of you every time? Finding plant varieties that won’t trigger your immune system can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. The easiest way to create an allergy-friendly garden is to hire a professional landscape service to do it for you. With the knowledge and experience in selecting plants and plant maintenance, 3 Seasons Lawn & Landscape is who you should trust.

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What Causes These Allergies?

The most common yard allergies are caused by over-sensitivity to pollen. Most of the pollen that causes allergies come from trees, weeds, & different grasses. If you suffer from allergies, we advise you to check pollen counts daily. The term “pollen counts” refers to how many grains of pollen are active within a predefined volume of air. The Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America regularly releases environmental statistics.

Can I Avoid The Symptoms From My Allergies?

Most sufferers can’t really avoid the symptoms of an allergy while they work, as there is no way to eliminate irritants from the air. Though you can pick your moments of exposure carefully and take precautions. If you are one of the few that experience more severe physical reactions, it is best to leave the gardening and lawn maintenance to the professionals. You don’t have to settle for a poor quality or mediocre lawn, call 3 Seasons Lawn & Landscape to help avoid those allergic reactions!


Lawn Maintenance During Winter

Caring For Your Lawn During Florida’s Winter

Though Florida may not really experience winter, Lawn Maintenance during winter months can be a challenge for the untrained homeowner.   Temperatures typically drop between the months of December through February  in Florida.  Here in New Port Richey, it can get even a few degrees lower than most southern areas, and those few degrees can make a difference.  Caring for your lawn during this time may not seem as important, but we assure you it is.

Have you ever noticed how your lawn turns brown in the winter? What’s happening is your lawn is going into shock due to the infrequent cold weather. As the cold months approach, your lawn begins to enter a state of dormancy.  This meaning that the grass will grow at a slower rate and not be as green naturally. For optimum health for your lawn during the winter, be sure to take proper care by calling a professional for help.  There are measures and options that can improve the look of your lawn overall and boost its health too!

Lawn Maintenance During Winter

When mowing your lawn, the recommended height is to be left taller than during spring and summer months in order to give protection to the roots from cooler weather. For St. Augustine grass, the recommended mow height is 3.5”-4’. Due to the lower growth rate in your grass, watering is not of high priority during the winter.  You actually want to cut back on your irrigation, especially in the morning when the grass is already wet and cold.  Though your lawn may look dead, there is no need for fertilizer. In fact, fertilizing your lawn during cooler weather could cause more harm than good.

The good thing about lawn care in winter, is there is minimum effort needed versus the steady maintenance required for spring and summer. But that doesn’t mean neglect it completely! Let 3 Season’s Lawn and Landscape Inc.  maintain your lawn all year round, our highly trained lawn care professionals are able to keep your lawn beautiful no matter what the weather is! Call today for your free quote!