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The Pest That Love Moisture

Almost anything that’s living and breathing needs water in order to survive. Unfortunately, that includes pests. If you are having chronic pest problems, you could have an excess of moisture in your home.

Here are the most common pests that are attracted to water in your home:


The German Cockroach is the most common – and hardest to get rid of; home-invading pest in North America. The moisture-loving pests are notorious for crawling around bathroom faucets, underneath bathroom sinks, in kitchen drains, and anywhere else the moisture draws them to. The problem is, once you see one, there’s a high chance you already have an infestation. Cockroaches don’t typically come during the daytime, so seeing one at this time is likely due to overcrowding.  Control the humidity, patch up leaks, and remove any standing water. The less you give roaches to use, the better.  


Silverfish can be found in your bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, near the water heater – pretty much anywhere there’s moisture. These silver-colored insects are hard bodied, very fast, and hard to get rid of. Silverfish eat practically everything, from fabric to paper. Much like the cockroach, these pests are nocturnal.  


Just like the other bugs on this list, earwigs are attracted to warm, dark, and humid places. Earwigs can enter your home through low cracks & crevices. They have dark brown bodies with orange appendages and segmented antennae. Their most noticeable feature is the large, forcep-like pincers on their butts! Check for these cracks around window wells, baseboard, and other frames.


This pest prefers to hang out undisturbed areas but will end up in your bathroom if that’s the only water source they can find. Centipedes enter the home through cracks and crevices and then lay eggs, creating an infestation. House centipedes are tan or a dirty yellow in color, and their legs have bands of light and dark coloration. Centipedes need to rehydrate constantly in order to stay alive.


You can take precautions by dehumidifying your home, sealing cracks around windows and doors, and eliminating any standing water. Whether you need help pest-proofing your home or driving out infestations, call 3 Seasons Pest Control.